The following is ONLY A SAMPLE LIST of the most commonly used noun + preposition combinations
that can be followed by gerunds.


addiction to His addiction to surfing the Internet is a problem.
advantage of He has the advantage of speaking English fluently.
anxiety about Her anxiety about speaking in public caused her to lose the job.
belief in His belief in not harming animals was something he learned from his mother.
credit for She took credit for improving the filing system.
dedication to His dedication to teaching was impressive. 
delay in The delay in processing the visa caused problems.
devotion to His devotion to biking allowed him to win the competition.
disadvantage of The disadvantage of flying is that you can't see the scenery along the way.
experience in

She has a great deal of experience in introducing new products to international markets.

With the noun "experience," sometimes a gerund is added without the preposition "in." "Experience introducing new products" would also be acceptable.

fear of His fear of flying made travel difficult.
fondness for Her fondness for traveling led to her career in the travel industry.
habit of His habit of smoking in restaurants caused many problems in California.
interest in Her career as a pilot evolved out of her interest in flying.
knowledge of Her knowledge of climbing helped her during the competition.
love of His love of singing developed when he was a child.
memory of
Their memories of traveling in Africa will stay with them forever.
preference for
I think his preference for speaking his native language is natural.
process of The process of painting such a large mural is more complicated than you might think.
reaction to His reaction to winning the prize was quite funny.
reason for The main reason for taking the course is to improve your language skills.
regret for The criminal's regret for committing the crime did not convince the judge.
report on The magazine's report on choosing the right car was not well researched.
reputation for Her reputationf or lying is well known.
responsibility for His responsibility for completing the project on time was acknowledged by the company.
story about I don't know if I believe his story about seeing a UFO.
talent for His talent for learning languages was impressive.