Prepositions in relative causes:

If the verb in the relative clause needs a preposition, we put it at the end of the clause:

For example:

  • listen to

The music is good. Julie listens to the music.
→ The music (which / that) Julie listens to is good.

  • work with

My brother met a woman. I used to work with the woman.
→ My brother met a woman (who / that) I used to work with.

  • go to

The country is very hot. He went to the country.
→ The country (which / that) he went to is very hot.

  • come from

I visited the city. John comes from the city.
→ I visited the city (that / which) John comes from.

  • apply for

The job is well paid. She applied for the job.
→ The job (which / that) she applied for is well paid.





With prepositions: